ILLIES is back in the sustainability sector: ILLIES SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS is a fully owned subsidiary of the ILLIES Group, with Mr Michael Spatz as Managing Director and Mr Max Illies as Executive Vice President. Formerly known as ILLIES RENEWABLES, the subsidiary has been inactive for several years but was reactivated in 2019 due to the ever-increasing sustainability issues in all of ILLIES' markets.

The manufacturing sector across Asia has become increasingly aware of the need for a circular product life cycle. One industry in which there is a particular drive to adapt is in textiles. For example, many of ILLIES' textile customers are starting to look for ways to produce synthetic yarn from recycled materials, using for instance polyester waste as source material.

"To better service these growing needs of our customers, we believe a dedicated solution provider and competence center is required",

says Max Illies.

He adds: "Further, we see ILLIES SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS in an ideal position to help develop a more sustainable manufacturing industry. We are able to combine a broad network of technology providers in Europe with established contacts in many different branches of industries in Asia. Initially, we will focus on applications in recycling of production waste among our existing customer base, especially in the textiles and film industry. In the long term we see potential to develop and implement sustainable solutions in all of the other sectors that we already operate in.”

Sustainability in every sense has always been of great importance to ILLIES – 160 years of company history are testimony to this.

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