As a newcomer at Illies Vietnam.
An internship experience

As the first ever intern at ILLIES Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Vinh made a powerful impression in Business Development from April to September 2019. Read his internship report below.

By Nguyen Vinh

For half a year, I joined ILLIES ENGINEERING (VIETNAM) CO. LTD., the subsidiary of a German trading company in Vietnam, as an intern. My application process was rather special. Instead of applying via common channels on company site, I proactively reached out to Christoph Peters, General Director of Illies Vietnam, to express my ambitions and intentions for the company. Fortunately, Mr. Peters agreed to my proposal and shortly after, I started working in the field of Business Development for Illies. 

During the internship, I was assigned different projects to work on that ranged from single person research on business opportunities to working with an international project team. As Illies Vietnam is strongly positioned in Vietnam’s textile market, it has the complete supply chain of Vietnam’s textile industry to offer. I was able to participate in one of Vietnams biggest textile exhibition, the Saigontex and feel the beginning of different first-hand customer contacts. Furthermore, Illies’ presence in the textile industry also allowed me to experience German textile machinery at work on a production site further up the supply chain of the textile industry.

Working at Illies granted me a perfect balance between being guided on with market specific know how and work independence over your own given responsibility fields. The work is quite dynamic and keeps challenging you to work on innovative solutions for up-to-date market challenges. The team brings up a family orientated working culture and a pleasant atmosphere to work in. That way, you will be encouraged to perform on a high level without having to compromise on your mental health. As a young aspiring novice in the beginning of his career, I am thankful for my journey at Illies under the guidance of Mr. Peters.

In the end I can say that my work contributed to the company’s growth and I was astounded to feel the impact of its result up to country level of corporate circles. Even though Illies Vietnam never accepted an intern before, I was able to join the team and gather more experiences than in other comparable internships. You will have more responsibilities than usual, and the work is going to demand more than simple office work but rather demanding creative work. But this is needed to elevate you to newer levels of efficiency. Are you up to the task and ready to grow? If so, I wish you the best of luck and success for the future.