Film & Coating

Film and foil for flexible packaging for cosmetics, pharma products, and foods are the focus of ILLIES' comprehensive program of complex multi-layer cast- and blow-film production lines and subsequent converting processes. ILLIES also offers complete manufacturing lines for metalized film and packaging. Our competence in the field of vacuum coating processes started in the 1990s, when ILLIES became the distribution partner for a market leader in cathode sputtering systems in Asia. Inline inspection systems, handling systems, and technical consumables complete the range of our products. 


Together with its customers, ILLIES implements innovative processes for the production of ever larger, and at the same time thinner, energy-saving high-resolution displays, such as AMOLED displays or flexible displays, as well as PV systems.

View our technological solutions for market-specific processes for film & coating in Asia:

Blown Film Production

  • Single Layer
  • Multi Layer Air Cooled Lines
  • Multi Layer Water Quenched Lines
  • Agricultural Film Machines
  • Double / Triple Bubble Machines

 Cast Film Production

  • Single Layer
  • Coextrusion Lines

Stretch Film Production

Extrusion Lamination

  • Mono-Layer
  • Tandem Lamination

Solventless Lamination

  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple 

Film Coating

  • Gravure Coating
  • Nip / Gap Coating

Film Metallizing

  • Metallizing Of Thin Films

Consumables For Metallizers

  • Boats
  • Al-Wire


  • Flexo Printing
  • Gravure Printing 


  • In-Line Film Inspection
  • Stand-Alone Film Inspection

Energy Saving

  • Energy Recovery For Rotogravure Printing
  • Energy Recovery For Lamination Equipment

Slitting And Rewinding

  • Primary And Secondary Slitter

Bag Making

  • Conversion Of Film Into Bags For Different Applications

Air Bubble Film

  • Production Of Packaging Material For Fragile Goods

Pouch Making

  • Conversion Of Film Into Pouches For Food Packaging


OLED Display Materials 

  • Functional Materials For Solid, Transparent, And Flexible Oled Displays

OLED Lighting Materials 

  • Functional Materials For Solid, Transparent, And Flexible Oled Lighting Applications

OLED Layer Coater

  • Coating Of Organic Materials On Firm, And Flexible Surfaces

Electron Beam Systems

  • High-Power Systems For Melting, Refining, And Evaporation

Flash-Lamp Annealing

  • Surface Property Enhancement

Ultrasonic Transportation

  • Ultra-Sonic Handling Systems For Contactless Transportation Of Solid Or Flexible Glass, And Other Substrates. Substrate Gripping From Top And Bottom Or In Combination With Robot Possible

Ultrasonic Guiding

  • Ultra-Sonic Guiding Systems For Stable Positioning Of Substrates. Precise Guidance e.g. For Surface Inspection