Plastic & Metal Processing

Innovative metal and plastic processing are key technologies, for instance for the automotive, aircraft and high-speed train industries. Processes for the production of lightweight parts and components form the core of ILLIES´ portfolio.

Applications include “near-netshape” metal forming processes for highest quality parts geometry, (selective) press hardening, thermoforming and composite technologies.

View our technological solutions for market-specific processes for plastic & metal manufacturing in Asia:

Integrated concepts for thermoforming of technical plastic parts and CNC trimming

  • Thermoforming Machines
  • Milling Machines (for e.g. Alu Molds)
  • Trimming Machines (for e.g. Thermoformed Parts)
  • Material Weakening CNC Milling Machines (for e.g. Air Bags)

Furnaces and automation for press hardening lines, hydroforming lines, high quality laser welding systems for flat and round parts

  • Furnaces For Press Hardening
  • Automation Of Press Hardening Lines 
  • Hydroforming
  • Laser Welding For Tailored Blanks And Tubes
  • Machinery For Production Of Carbon And Glass Fiber Parts

Spring coiling and wire processing machines for various automotive applications

  • Spring Coiling For Suspension And Valve Springs
  • Wire Bending (for e.g. Seat Frame, Stabilizer, Torsion Beam)
  • Wire Drawing For Window Regulators
  • Wire Grinding And Cleaning Equipment

Manufacturing, forming by spinning, flow-forming, hub-forming, axial forming, swaging, furthermore calibrating, welding, forging, and quenching of a big variety engine and powertrain parts

  • Spinning
  • Flow-Forming
  • Hub-Forming
  • Axial Forming
  • Swaging
  • Step Set Dies
  • Stepped Tools For Lamellar Casing For Automatic Transmissions
  • Laser-Welding, Cutting And Hardening
  • ECM Applications
  • Cam- And Crankshaft Grinding Machines
  • Forging (Cold, Semi Hot And Hot)
  • Calibrating With Hydraulic Press
  • Quenching 
  • Fixture Hardening

Flowforming of weight reduced rims and wheels

  • Spinning
  • Flow-Forming

Rubber processing, X-ray quality control, and laser cleaning of tire moulds

  • Mixing
  • Extrusion, Building, And Curing
  • Quality Control
  • Mould Cleaning
  • Marking
  • Fixture Hardening
  • Superplastic Forming And Diffusion Bonding
  • Busbar Bending For Electric Vehicles

Process lines, equipment, inspection and testing system for transformer production

  • TBA Core Cutting Lines
  • Tank Wall Production Lines 
  • Special Core Production Lines
  • Slitting Lines
  • Material Inspection / Measuring And Testing

Milling, turning and grinding equipment for power turbines

  • Turbine Components Grinding
  • Turbine And Generator Shaft Turning And Milling

Compounding lines

  • Cable Compounding
  • Mixing And Compounding
  • Material Handling
  • Drawing Wires
  • Galvanic Electroplating
  • Bunching Stranding Machines
  • Straightening Machines

Grinding of jet engine parts, superplastic forming and diffusion bonding of titanium alloys, honeycomb structure

  • Jet Engine Components Grinding
  • Superplastic Forming And Diffusion Bonding
  • Advanced Composites, e.g. Honeycomb Products
  • Thermal Imaging (Non-Destructive Testing)

Range of mechanical machining, various machine solutions for heavy turning, drilling and milling

  • Roll Grinding
  • Crankshaft Milling
  • Finishing Lines

Wheelset machining

  • Underfloor Wheel Lathes 
  • Portal Wheelset Lathe
  • Mobile Wheelset Lathe
  • Wheelset Presses
  • Wheelset Diagnostic Systems

Range of solutions for the production of large longitudinal welded pipes (LSAW)

  • Presses / Bending Presses
  • Welding 
  • Automation 
  • System Integrator
  • Milling And Cutting

Rubber Processing

  • Mixing
  • Extrusion
  • Quality Control

Mixing And Compounding Kneaders

  • PVC Pelletizing
  • Masterbatch
  • Powder Coatings And Toners

Plastic Recycling

  • Shredding 
  • Pulverizing 
  • Extrusion

Special Containers For Chemicals

  • Blow Moulding Of Containers For Liquid And Solid Chemicals 

Extrusion Of plain And corrugated pipes

  • Corrugators