Remote Installations in Japan

ILLIES supports its Customers and Machine Partners with Remote Installations in Japan


In order to satisfy the demands of our customers, it is of great importance that ILLIES has not only adequate but actually state of the art After Sales Service in Japan – our customers simply judge us on speed, reliability, know-how and problem-solving skills as it is utmost important for them that they keep the machines we supplied up and running.


Usually, this is a well-organized procedure as we often have partnerships for decades and also new installations are supported by our service engineers joining Pre-Acceptance Tests at our machine partners, where they typically receive the first training. Furthermore, support during the installation and commissioning enlarges our expertise, which enables us to be a reliable partner for many years to come.


As we all have been aware, limitations during the COVID pandemic changed the situation completely.  Due to entry restrictions imposed by the Japanese government, Sales and Service engineers from our machine manufacturers could not enter Japan and are still restricted nowadays. The situation has now been lasting for two years.


ILLIES is not only committed to support the machine suppliers and our customers with remote service as much as possible – we stepped up our performance even more. During the past two years we not only held up the flag for our partners, but were able to install machinery without physical attendance of our machinery suppliers.  Modern equipment like google glass, video support or remote service allows access to the sites and the machines from the manufacturing site, only the “hands” of an engineer cannot be “beamed”, yet. ILLIES engineers with their excellent technical experience and language ability can build the bridge and even complicated installations or repairs are possible. The latest example is a bio-power plant in a remote site of Japan.


The limitations we faced were not small by any means.  What concerned us most – and encouraged us to work even harder – was to hear from our customers that they may have to consider local machines in the future, to avoid the concern that any specialist would not be able to enter Japan to assist them.  We are proud to inform that our customers were very happy with the support we gave, we secured many more orders and first and foremost we are proud of our team in Japan!