New service for customers of the textile industry in Vietnam

ILLIES is expanding once more its services for customers of the textile industry in the field of short staple fiber spinning in Vietnam. Thanks to a new service area our colleagues in Ho Chi Minh City will offer on-site grinding and mounting services, especially for the customers of the Swiss textile machinery manufacturer Graf + Cie AG. The company is specialized in the production of card clothings for textile machinery and has been manufacturing innovative metallic card clothings, flexible flat clothings and stationary flats for cards since 1917. Benchmarks have been set by the high-quality combs, service machines and accessories.

With the extension of the service portfolio, ILLIES supports customers who are particularly interested in the use of card clothings but do not own yet service machines. The new Service Center in Ho Chi Minh City now offers them now the opportunity to test the machines before ordering in regular live demonstrations and trainings.

In the official ceremony in March 2018, both local and foreign customer representatives participated, i. a. from the companies Texhong, Phong Phu, Vinatex Phu Cuong and Viet Tri.

Right after the welcoming speeches by Christoph Peters, General Director of ILLIES Vietnam, and Andreas Covi, General Manager Graf Far East, the customers were able to watch the first demonstrations of the Graf machines, ask questions and test the processes themselves. Especially strong was the interest in the exhibited DSM machine (stationary flat grinding machine). The flexible cover sets manufactured with the DSM 20 & 20/1 have a significant influence on the carding quality. This allows all spinning mills to economically, rationally and with the required accuracy equalize or re-sharpen their flat clothings in order to achieve a high yarn quality.


Official opening ceremony of the new service area in ILLIES Service Center Vietnam
Service area with exhibited DSM 20 & 20/1 machine from Swiss company Graf
Visitors by the demonstration of Graf's stationary flat grinding machine DMS
The ILLIES-team, representatives from Graf and customers at the official opening ceremony