KARL MAYER presents the future of the textile industry at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018

Ecologically sustainable textile production, networked machines, two world debuts and how to build on textiles. To name only a few of the highlights why ILLIES is recommending a visit to KARL MAYER's exhibition at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018, where the company will be showing the future of the textile industry at booth B 11, hall 4. The sixth edition of the combined exhibition will be held from 15 - 19 October 2018 at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) in Shanghai.

A digital concept connects machines and records the overall machine performance in real time

KARL MAYER is presenting a digital in-house network solution for connecting its machines at ITMA. This can be integrated into the company's own network with little effort and offers the customer an overview of the overall performance of his machines in real time.

Holistically sustainable with intelligent and mobile ecological solutions for cotton terry warp knitting machines, tricot machines, and sizing machines

KARL MAYER's textile machines provide a sustainable production process due to intelligent ecological solutions. For example, the Low Energy Option LEO®; it not only reduces costs and CO2 emissions but also energy consumption during machine operation by 9.5% to 13%, depending on the machine type.

During the fair, the tricot machine TM 3, 186" will be on display showing the production of a robust fabric in a gauge of E32. This textile is suitable as a substitute for products of waste-water-intensive water jet weaving. It is the first TM model to be equipped with the latest generation of KARL MAYER's command system KAMCOS® 2. KAMCOS® 2 offers the proven features such as a user interface with functions from the world of smartphones, an integrated laser stop device and data access via mobile devices with the KARL MAYER CONNECT app.

At the trade fair, the company will be presenting other environmentally friendly application-oriented concepts:

First, in the terry sector, the TERRY.ECO concept with the TM 4 TS-EL as its core. Depending on the article, this cotton terry warp knitting machine produces up to 250% more fabric and consumes a total of approx. 87% less energy per kilogram of fabric than air-jet looms. In addition, there is no need for sizing during the knitting process and thus minimizes environmental loads in regard to energy, water, and waste water.

Second, in the segment of terry weaving, the sizing machine PROSIZE®. It supports an ecological weaving process, as it works with three highly turbulent, homogeneous application zones, spray bar technology and a subsequent application/squeeze roller system instead of an immersion and bath application process. This application system reduces the amount of sizing additives by up to 10% and reduces the bath volume. This means less energy consumption in the processing of chemicals and for desizing. In addition, the amount of waste water is lower. Further advantages are an extremely uniform size film and low fibre dust generation - for maximum weaving efficiency - and a 20% higher yarn coating range. The VSB Size Box - the heart of the PROSIZE® - will be presented in Shanghai.

Two world debuts on one booth: the ISODIRECT direct warping machine and the world's widest high-performance tricot machine

For the direct warping segment, KARL MAYER is presenting ISODIRECT, a world’s first with a unique price-performance ratio. The all-rounder processes staple-fibres of all kinds and produces premium beams at a warping speed of up to 1,000 m/min.

In addition, trade visitors can experience the world's widest high-performance tricot machine live during the production of a velour fabric in E32. The HKS 3-M, 280ʺ now allows producing articles of different widths and more webs simultaneously on just one machine.

How to build on textiles

The exhibition will also focus on another topic: technical textiles in construction. They offer many advantages, especially in concrete components, where material savings of up to 70% are possible. Knitted structures are also used for tear-resistant plaster grilles, self-adhesive crack tapes or roofings. The various advantages and possible applications of construction textiles knitted on the company's weft-insertion, biaxial and multiaxial warp knitting machines will be demonstrated with samples at the trade fair stand.

KARL MAYER invites you also to its in-house show in Changzhou. Sign up now!

KARL MAYER (China) invites you to its in-house show in Changzhou from 15th to 18th October 2018. A variety of highlights await you:

  • The new five-bar Tricot machine COP 5 M-EL, 180ʺ
  • Newcomer in the double-bar raschel field from the RD-7 series.
  • TM 4TS-EL, 186" terry warp knitting machine
  • Market-oriented developments for warp preparation in the shirting, sheeting, and denim sector: LONG CHAIN BEAMER, BALL WARPER and ISOWARP

Sign up now and get your ticket! Follow the link to register online:



(Source: KARL MAYER Holding GmbH & Co. KG)

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