ILLIES secures honeycomb orders for structural aviation parts

In our continuous market evaluation and development, ILLIES JAPAN (K.K. IRISU) reinforced the efforts in the supply chain for raw materials used by sub-contractors in the aviation industry in Japan. The change process in this safety concerned industry took a considerable time and we are very pleased to report to be the nominated supplier of honeycomb materials by 2 major Japanese aviation suppliers. Both companies started to order at the end of 2017 honeycomb material from EURO-COMPOSITES® for the production of wing components for the most advanced commercial planes of North America’s biggest aircraft manufacturer.

We appreciate the trust gained from our customers, the strong support provided by the end user in North America and EURO-COMPOSITES® as well as the diligent work of our colleagues in Japan to enter the Long Term Agreements with our customers, which will run for several years.  Both customers cited superior quality, a much faster delivery time and strong reliable support by EURO-COMPOSITES® and ILLIES – the main reasons to change the supplier.

EURO-COMPOSITES® is the world’s biggest honeycomb producer. For further details about the cooperation between EURO-COMPOSITES® and ILLIES, please view the attached reference letter.



Honeycombs for the aviation industry made by EURO-COMPOSITES®