Textile Industry Integration Promotion Plan

ILLIES Taiwan participates in the 2021 "Textile Industry Integration Promotion Plan"- Business Opportunity Conference of the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

The business opportunity match making event is held annually by IDB to assist the Taiwanese textile industry in cross-domain integration and expanding their business opportunities. The event supports the enhancement of high added value technologies and assists with finding strategic partners for the flexible use of marketing resources to create a win-win situation.

The subject of this year’s event was “polyester and nylon filament recycling technology”. In this context the Pure Loop  technology was introduced by Mr. Tom Landwehr and presented by Dr. Jeff Chen of Illies Engineering Taipei Ltd. (IET)

The Taiwanese textile industry has a high demand to recycle various thermoplastic materials in order to achieve a zero waste production.

Pure Loop is a supplier of small volume plug and play equipment for the recycling of various types of plastic materials. The industrial waste material is crushed, melted, and extruded into chips within one machine. The high-quality recycled chips can then be directly used again in common spinning processes.