ILLIES Japan starts donating 3D printed face shields

On April, 30th 2020 the Health Planning Division of East Osaka’s City Hall received the initial donation of 130 face shields. ILLIES Japan will continue the donation, adding 150 pieces every week.


In a digital conference held on the 18th and 19th of April 2020, ILLIES Japan (K. K. IRISU) presented its 3D printed face shield to more than 100 medical professionals and representatives of the Kansai region. The event was initiated by the nonprofit project “Mamoru” (to protect) to help fight the coronavirus pandemic in Japan.

The face shield’s design received great feedback from the attendants. Especially it’s unique feature: a small strip of sponge tape which is attached to it, providing a more comfortable fit and preventing the shield from dislocating, even during heavy movements. In general, such visors are an additional, possible barrier against a droplet infection.

On April, 30th 2020, representatives of K. K. IRISU’s 3D department were welcomed by the Mayor of East Osaka City and donated 130 face shields to the Health Planning Division of East Osaka’s City Hall. This department is in charge of the distribution of the face shields to the local facilities. Plans to distribute them to neighboring prefectures are also in place.

To produce the basic frame of the face shield, the specialists for Additive Manufacturing of ILLIES used FDM 3D printing technology (Fused Deposition Modeling). The 3D printers used for this purpose are from BigRep and Roboze and are located in the 3D Showroom of K. K. IRISU in Tokyo. Both companies have contributed material to help the production progress.

The clear shield is cut by one of K. K. IRISU's partner and BigRep user IOTEC – a company specialized in designing and manufacturing jig and fixtures for trimming automotive parts.

ILLIES Japan will continue the donation by adding 150 face shields every week.