ILLIES Japan (K.K. IRISU) starts co-operation with ROBOZE, the leader in PEEK 3D printing

Advanced 3D printing with engineering plastics will now be available in Japan

Last week a 3D specialist from K.K. IRISU, our affiliate company in Japan, visited the Italian headquarters of ROBOZE. The company is one of the most advanced suppliers of professional 3D printers with FFF technology for extreme industrial solutions. ROBOZE offers a range of ten high-performance thermoplastic polymers, that hold up to even the most hostile environments, to meet and surpass the demands of various sectors.

After the intensive training at ROBOZE, the team of K.K. IRISU will now start to promote the high-grade polymer solution to the 3D market in Japan by organizing workshops in our 3D Showroom at the IRISU building in Tokyo.

Being able to provide a reliable 3D printing solution in materials such as PEEK, Carbon PEEK, CarBon PA and Ultem, is a good way to establish the technology of 3D printing with thermoplastic materials in the local market. The 3D printing solutions of ROBOZE have already been used by Airbus, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, Merck and other industrial companies worldwide.

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