ILLIES Engineering (Taipei) participates in "Smart Manufacturing in the Textile Industry" conference in Taiwan

ILLIES Engineering (Taipei) Ltd. participated in the “Smart Manufacturing in the Textile Industry – Interdisciplinary Technical Media Conference” organized by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. During the event, which was held at the Da-yuan Industrial Zone Service Center on April 18th, 2019, textile industry representatives from Taiwan were informed how to use Karl Mayer warp knitting machines to develop various types of innovative fabrics. As well as the KM.ON management, the maintenance and service module launched by Karl Mayer, was presented.

In order to respond to the global industrial smart production trend and to assist Taiwan's textile industry to move towards smart manufacturing, the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs focused on a wide range of textile specialists, inviting the Knitting Association, the Silk Weaving Association, the Weaving Association, the Silk Printing and Dyeing Association, and the Cotton Dyeing and Printing Association to participate in the event. The experts from the four co-organizers, including ILLIES Engineering Taipei, Memminger-IRO, Tymico and Hancon Group, provided latest smart production technologies expertise and shared information about smart manufacturing; as well as experience and technical consulting services on how to accelerate the upgrading and transformation of the textile industry.

The Conference attracted nearly 100 members of various public associations, such as textile knitting, silk weaving, dyeing and finishing, garments, and representatives of the channel industry, to exchange ideas and share solutions and the experience of smart manufacturing systems in their working field.

Taiwan's textile industry's annual export value is close to 10 billion US dollars, which is one of Taiwan's major foreign exchange earning industries. The quality and delivery of functional fabrics are well-known internationally. European and American brand customers' urgent orders, also small and diverse companies, will choose to place orders in Taiwan.

Due to the uncertainty of China-US recently developed trade conflicts, textile and Taiwanese companies have successively returned to Taiwan to expand their investment. The use of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data analysis and other brand customers with zero error, zero-time difference, processing complex orders and importing smart manufacturing, completes the knowledge upgrade.

Source: Economy Daily News on Apr. 19, 2019