ILLIES donates for More Courage

As in previous years, ILLIES will forgo the usual Christmas presents and donate instead to the project "Mutmacher" (Encouragers) of the ARCHE Jenfeld in Hamburg. The project was launched in 2014 with the aim of individually encouraging, accompanying and supporting specific adolescents through an attachment figure – the "Mutmacher" (Encouragers). The "Mutmacher" help the children with school-related questions, in their development of personality and identity; as well as in job preparation, finding a job and in family-related emergencies.

The donation helps young people to realize their dreams and pursue their career aspirations

The donation allows young people from underprivileged social backgrounds to be mentored by an encourager, helps them to realize their dreams and pursue their career aspirations. At present about 100 children are supported by the project. Two young participants commented on their experience within the project as follows:


"The encouragers made it possible for me to participate in the Young Academy of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Now first of all, I would like to do my A-Levels and afterwards eventually study economics. Participating in the Young Academy will make a lot of things easier for me in my future life."
Lea* 17 years


"My encourager supported me very much with applications for a place at school and accompanied me to many authorities. He helps me to better find my way around in Germany."
Ali*, Afghan 19 years


The success of the project was also confirmed in 2017 by the pro bono study of the Boston Consulting Group. The consultants' conclusion: The “Mutmacher” project brings sustainably high social benefits and social added value through better education, higher school-leaving qualifications, better living habits and reduced delinquency amongst the youths.


Every child needs courage and every donation helps. Join us – donate for more courage!

Projekt Mutmacher von Die ARCHE Hamburg

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Purpose "Mutmacher":

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