If Service matters, you need partners

2020 was all about remote - working remotely from home and supporting customers remotely. While travel restrictions were in place and no one was able to travel, ILLIES was holding the post with service teams in 13 locations throughout Asia.  Learn how we supported our partner 4JET with his customer in Thailand.

“Our customer in Thailand urgently needed his new machines set up and running. However we couldn’t send anyone over for the installation.” says Florian Schreiber Vice President Sales at 4JET, a manufacturer of advanced laser system for cleaning car tire molds remembers. Similar stories were told all over the year – machines were shipped but the urgently required engineers couldn’t fly over for the installation.

“Not being able to see your customer face-to-face can damage even long-established relationships. This is pandemic driven decoupling” Michael Illies, CEO of the ILLIES group explains. “It is our job to bridge the distance towards Asia and maintain these relationships, especially in times like these. And nothing can damage a relationship more, than a machine that is not running. And if Service matters, you need partners”  

During the last year ILLIES took over the responsibility and installed multiple machines independently, for which normally an expert from the manufacturer would have come over to Asia. For example, the ILLIES office in Japan coordinated the installation of the 4JET system in cooperation with ILLIES Thailand. “Having a partner with a strong network and multiple locations made it possible to install our laser system in time. Illies coordinated the job across multiple locations and our engineers supported remotely via phone and video call. In the end not only the customer was satisfied, we also were able to save travel costs.” Florian Schreiber summarizes.

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4JET laser system in Thailand