ILLIES remains at your side during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Let's face the challenges together!

Travel bans, interrupted supply chains; the challenges we are facing as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves are manifold. Let us face these challenges together! ILLIES continues to focus on supporting our partners. We will remain at your side with our services:

Benefit from our complete service network across Asia:

The pandemic is presently keeping us all in suspense. Since January we at ILLIES are witnessing the associated impacts very closely. Despite current regulations within our domestic markets all our local service stations in 7 different countries are currently in full operation and are ready to support customers in need. Benefit from our complete service network across China & Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Are you in need of local engineering support?

If travel bans hinder you and your staff from supporting your customers locally our team of more than 50 highly skilled, English speaking service engineers are ready to support you with the installation of spare parts, site inspections or fixing machine breakdowns. Our specialists are unfamiliar with your machines? With remote advice from your specialists, we are confident to meet any challenge.

Are you suffering from interrupted supply chains?

ILLIES is deeply rooted in Asia. Over the years we have built up a strong local network. Rely on our strong, local sourcing network in Asia, if your supply chain is currently interrupted or you cannot ship due to a shutdown of your business:

  • We can source OEM spare parts from all major brands locally (Siemens, SKF, etc.)
  • Selected local workshops can manufacture spare parts as per your drawing on short notice in high quality

Do you need to help your customers to reduce manufacturing downtime?

Cooperate with our fully equipped parts repair centre in Vietnam. ILLIES VIETNAM is a specialist for any textile application operating a fully equipped repair centre for electrical and mechanical parts. With the help of our colleagues, parts can be repaired in case of a machine breakdown until a new part can be delivered.


Get in touch with our Executive Vice President Service Dominik Bienkowski