ILLIES supporting a CSR project in Qinghai province

Adopting a sense of responsibility isn't something we feel obliged to do – it's something we truly believe in. For a long time, the ILLIES Group has been supporting causes on behalf of both people and the environment, and this commitment has become a vital part of our company culture and actions.

The project in Qinghai

In China, one in ten children cannot receive education because of poverty; more than one million kids are still suffering from starvation and cold every day.

As a technology leader and innovation pioneer in China's textile industry, ILLIES CHINA is taking social responsibility seriously.  ILLIES China initiated a welfare activity called "In the name of ILLIES, to spread warmth and love” to donate customized winter school uniforms to help children in poorer areas.

This year, as the first project, we chose Yushu in Qinghai Province, a plateau with an altitude of 4,000 meters. Winter comes very early here - heavy snow starts to fall at the end of August, and two-thirds of the year is spent in cold temperatures. The geographical environment surrounded by mountains and barren natural resources make it difficult to develop the region. The average family annual income here is 4,000 RMB only. Therefore, most families cannot afford one single school uniform. In the only school in this region, students therefore usually do not wear a uniform.

In this project we cooperated with Yuesheng Textile Co., Ltd – one of our successful customers in China, to use their high-quality fleece fabric produced by Karl Mayer Tricot warp knitting machines purchased through ILLIES. ILLIES then took responsibility for design and manufacturing warm quilted winter school uniforms.

At the end of Autumn after a couple of months work, all students received their first ever school uniform – just in time before winter came.

During the donation ceremony at site, children with big smiles on their faces could be seen. Many of them couldn’t wait to put on their new school uniforms.