Chinaplas 2019: Chinese customers continue to show great interest in thermoformed visible body parts for electric cars

This year's Chinaplas in Guangzhou confirmed the trend that has been emerging since last year, that the Chinese market is increasingly demanding machines for the production of top-quality, thermoformed visible car body parts, primarily for electric vehicles.

Together with their long-standing partner company GEISS and its machines T10 and the smaller Ts1, ILLIES China currently offer the most productive thermoforming machines on the market. This machinery can also be supplemented by GEISS’ own CNC finishing machines. Up until now, more than 100 companies worldwide have chosen to order and work with the latest GEISS T10 thermoforming machine.

The number of visitors at the ILLIES booth at Chinaplas 2019 was smaller in comparison to the previous year, however our colleagues received a significantly higher amount of qualified inquiries. Similar to previous years, the owner and managing director of GEISS AG, Mr. Manfred Geiss, was again onsite at this most important plastics & rubber trade fair for the Asian market.


Chinese visitors continue to show great interest in the GEISS thermoforming machines
Meeting with customers during Chinaplas
During the trade fair, Chinaplas 2019
The owner and managing director of GEISS AG, Mr. Manfred Geiss at Chinaplas 2019