With recent announcements of the government limiting the personal contact in face-to-face meeting, companies are finding it difficult to communicate with their customers. Reason being our customers’ decision to minimize visits to their premises and employees working from hotels, home or from shared offices in order to prevent further spread of the virus. 

Beside our previously utilized communicational platforms, the increased use of online webinars has allowed us to remotely educate the customers on latest technologies, addressing the uniqueness and providing customers application opportunities of machines.  

So far, we have used this approach with great success. Our Japanese branch office was able to receive over 75% attendance of total invitees to our webinars. An average of 80 customers have taken part in each webinar. Participants are able to interact with our presenter and each other during the webinars. In some cases, collaboration with our suppliers is also possible, further increasing the interest of the customers. Participation is of course free of charge. 

With the uncertainty in future sales procedures, webinars will definitely constitute a milestone benefit for team-trainings and maintaining contact with customers.  

If you are interested in participating in the webinars of our Japan branch office, please contact us under gotowebinar-kki(at)