ILLIES meets the service needs of South East Asia

In response to an increasing demand for technical services in South East Asia, ILLIES has expanded its market reach with a new service station in Ho Chi Minh City.

With ILLIES offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, including a Service Station, the activities in Vietnam date back to the late 1950's, with ILLIES particularly active in the textile industry. With highly qualified service stations in other Asian markets in which ILLIES is present, and a new service hub in Ho Chi Minh City, this further expansion stands as a landmark for new growth in the South East Asia (SEA) area. “The increased machine stock in Vietnam has highlighted an increasing need for quality service in the country, especially in the textile industry. Service is and has always been a vital component of ILLIES’ portfolio, so we saw it as our responsibility to fulfill this market gap with a new Service Sub – illustrating our continuing devotion to customer satisfaction,” says Senior Executive Vice President and CSO of ILLIES, Jan Rundshagen.

"We saw it as our responsibility to fulfill the market gap with a new service hub."

Jan Rundshagen

The extended Vietnamese Service Station is home to a dedicated team of highly trained electronic and mechanical service engineers for the different products that ILLIES imports to Vietnam. In addition, the team caters to the needs of customers who have not imported with ILLIES but rely on such services as offered by the station. Sensitive electronic parts are stored in a climate-controlled warehouse inside the Service Station, which also has a workshop equipped with highly sophisticated electronic and mechanical tools and fixings. These enable the engineers to perform regular maintenance and repair works on machine parts, which would otherwise be impossible at customer sites. A spare-parts sales team is also located at the new station.

The Vietnamese Service Station is home to a dedicated team of highly trained electronic and mechanical service engineers.
Sensitive electronic parts are stored in a climate-controlled warehouse on site.

Service Station welcomed with ceremony

During the opening ceremony of the inauguration held for the Ho Chi Minh City Service Station, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ILLIES VIETNAM, Christoph Peters, welcomed Vietnamese customers, overseas suppliers, and local representatives of German and international organizations. Addressing the assembled guests, Peters stressed the importance of extending technical services for the benefit of ILLIES’ customers, suppliers, external buyers, and indeed the whole of South East Asia. “The increased demand for our machinery in Vietnam over the last few decades requires this new level of service to bring in greater added value to both customers and suppliers alike,” he said.

The opening ceremony for the service hub was well received by both guests and ILLIES staff, and offered the opportunity for intensive exchange and inspection of the technical facilities in an atmosphere of partnership and co-operation. Michael Korobczuk, Vice President of Sales at Oerlikon Barmag – a long-term sales partner of ILLIES – commented on the news of the opening of the ILLIES Service Station: “We want to ensure that our clients are in good hands, which is why we very carefully select our partners. ILLIES ENGINEERING VIETNAM supports us with excellent customer service – competent and reliable at all times.”


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