SaigonTex 2018: foreign investments in the Vietnamese textile industry support the very good investment climate of the country

This year's textile fair SaigonTex, which took place in Ho Chi Minh City from April 11-14, 2018, made a positive and confident impression to the exhibitors and professionals from the textile industry. Vietnam's textile and clothing industry's leading trade show was booked by nearly 900 exhibitors from 27 countries and is expected to have attracted more than 20,000 visitors.

ILLIES ENGINEERING VIETNAM presented the textile machine manufacturers KARL MAYER, OERLIKON, ITEMA, TERROT, THIES and GRAF at its own booth. In addition to innovative solutions for warp knitting and warp preparation, ILLIES also presented its complementary portfolio for yarn production and dyeing as well as weaving, circular knitting and finishing machines.

Christoph Peters, General Director of ILLIES VIETNAM, summarized: "The fair was slightly weaker in terms of guests and exhibitors than last year. However, we have seen a welcomed increase in the quality of discussions with customers and inquiries."

According to our local team, the visitors came mainly from Vietnam, but also experts from Korea, Italy, Turkey and Taiwan were present. The ILLIES staff held discussions with many long-term customers as well as with a number of business partner who expressed their interest to work together with ILLIES on several new projects in Vietnam.

In general, SaigonTex 2018 confirmed the trend towards more foreign investments in the Vietnamese textile industry, which continues to contribute to the sustainable and very good investment climate in Vietnam.


The ILLIES-booth at SaigonTex 2018
The ILLIES-team and representatives from our principals
Working atmosphere at the ILLIES-booth
During the discussions and meetings at the trade fair