K.K. IRISU opened showroom as planed to present 3D solutions and other emerging industrial technologies to customers in Japan

K.K. IRISU (C. ILLIES & CO., LTD.) officially opened a permanent showroom in the premises of IRISU BUILDING in Tokyo. The first invited customers could enjoy the live demonstration of 3D print technology and view the exhibited sample parts on 25and 26 January, 2018.

The experienced and well-trained team of K.K. IRISU will regularly present machinery and products such as 3D items printed with BigRep “ONE” and “STUDIO”, 3D scanned products made with BotSpot “OptiOne”, “ProS” and “Pro” as well as products from Markforged, Shining 3D “EinScan”, “FreeScan” and “OptimScan”. These newly developed technologies made by German, Chinese and U.S. companies, are turning now into leading technologies in the field of industrial 3D solutions worldwide. The demonstrated 3D printing and scanning technology enables fast and precise printing of large-scale objects, and is suitable for high-end applications like shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, defense, industrial molding, education, etc.

Further, the Japanese customers will be able to view and test also other pioneering technologies in the IRISU-Showroom, e. g. skin measuring devices for the cosmetic industry from BIOX “AquaFlux” and “Epsilon” and Canfield “Primos CR”, and surface measuring devices for engineering products from LMI “MikroCAD”.

During the workshops in the IRISU-Showroom, the team of the 3D solutions department of K.K. IRISU will demonstrate and print the first samples made with BigRep and Markforged for customers free of charge up to a certain size. Printing technologies from other companies are also available through printing services and will be printed by the KKI-partners on demand. Some of these technologies are Stratasys FDM, Objet, SLA, etc.

All manufacturing companies which are interested in using industrial printers for large-scale rapid prototyping, are welcomed to visit the IRISU-Showroom in Tokyo.


To arrange an appointment, please contact:


3D Solutions Department (3D printing & scanning technology)

MPIT-EC Department (Skin & engineering product measuring technology)

e-mail: japan-3dilliesde (3D Solutions Department), japan-mpitilliesde (MPIT-EC Department)


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