K.K. IRISU (C. ILLIES & CO., LTD.) opens showroom for 3D solutions in Tokyo

Our affiliate company K.K. IRISU (C. ILLIES & CO., LTD.) opens soon an own showroom in Tokyo in order to meet the customer requirements related to the demonstration of the fast emerging technologies of 3D printing & 3D scanning.

The showroom has been now completed and from January 2018, all customers interested in cutting-edge technology machines such as 3D printers, 3D scanners, measuring devises, etc. will be able to visit the showroom and view demonstrations and tests live. This is how our Japanese colleagues are even more responsive to their customers' needs by demonstrating the real machines and making proposals that exactly meet the customer's requirements.

The opening events for the customers are scheduled for January 2018, detailed information will follow soon.