ILLIES presents German company and its patented technology at SEMICON in Taiwan

At this year’s SEMICON 2017 held from September 13 to 15 in Taiwan, ILLIES ENGINEERING TAIPEI presented the German company ZS-HANDLING GmbH which has developed an own "Ultrasonic Suspension Technology". This unique and extensive patented technology enables industrial customers to handle parts without mechanical contact.

Using the Ultrasonic Suspension Technology ZS-HANDLING offers ultra-pure and ultra-safe handling solutions for a wide range of applications. The company's core competences are vibration analysis, structural dynamics, flow simulation (gases) focused on high frequencies. Also including ultrasound generation, control technology and process-tool-design. This wide ranged innovation enables ILLIES ENG. and ZS-HANDLING to provide unique industrial handling solutions to the customers. The demo unit of an ultrasonic suspension table made by ZS-HANDLING GmbH raised a lot of interest by the visitors at the ILLIES-booth.

The applications of "Ultrasonic Suspension Technology" are semi-wafers and components, photovoltaic-wafers and modules (PV), thin-film technology, MEMS and MOEMS, Bio Chips, processed surfaces, coated blanks, surface-sensitive parts, printed papers, foils and packaging materials.

Compared to conventional systems the usage of the “Ultrasonic Suspension Technology” shows lowest breakage rates, lowest energy consumption, modular design, no air supply and air conditioning, no dynamic turbulences in surrounding gas, no negative influence on air flow in clean rooms.

SEMICON is the largest microelectronics exhibition in Taiwan, claiming the largest market for new semiconductor equipment for the 5th year in a row. Over 700 exhibitors from the globe covering more than 1,700 booths were in this year's event, expected to have attracted over 40,000 visitors and 3,300 program participants.

SEMICON is the largest microelectronics exhibition in Taiwan
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Visitors informing themselves about the ZS-HANDLING Ultrasonis suspension technology