Additive Manufacturing: ILLIES GROUP expands its portfolio with this future-oriented technology and gains BigRep as innovative partner in 3D printing

In addition to “subtractive manufacturing processes” like drilling or milling and “formative manufacturing processes” like moulding and forging, additive manufacturing represents the third pillar of the manufacturing technology. A growth of 25-35% per year certifies this process an immense potential. Applications that enable the creation of complex designs, that are produced by additive manufacturing, as well as the sector of prototyping and obsolescence management have a particularly well proven. The technology allows the construction of bionic shapes, providing tremendous opportunities for the automotive and aviation industry as well as for medicine.

Additive manufacturing offers a huge array of possibilities and numerous advantages but confronts the user with major challenges. First there is the complexity of data processing. It requires in depth knowledge of the scanning technologies, in editing the scans, as well as in the creation of three-dimensional CAD models. Further, engineering skills of the mechanical characteristics of the final product, its surface quality and experience with the applicable materials during 3D printing. A holistic understanding of this manufacturing technology is thereby indispensable.

The ILLIES GROUP offers this holistic approach with a three-part portfolio: 

  1. Customer advisory service: Analysis and optimization of parts and complex design for additive manufacturing 
  2. Manufacturing of parts of materials like titanium, aluminum, steel and plastic by client order e.g. prototyping and small-scale production 
  3. Scanning systems and machinery for additive manufacturing 

In the sector of machinery for additive manufacturing ILLIES was able to win BigRep as innovative partner. The company from Berlin develops and builds 3D printer, which rank among the largest in the world.

Click here for further information on BigRep´s website.